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​Men at IBC is committed to helping every man grow in Christ and make an eternal difference. We believe in calling men to a higher standard by shaping their character and grounding their identity in Jesus. We believe men are transformed by the gospel and should work to transform the lives of others. We believe godly men do great things in their lives, family, and work.

Men at IBC

Father-Son Canoe Trip

Save the date. Join Men at IBC for an unforgettable weekend away in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

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Current Study at First Watch

Becoming a Radical Husband

Radical husbands are “all in” men who passionately pursue the heart of their wife. They seek ways to serve. They invest time, energy, and expertise in becoming a student of their wife so they understand how to relate and encourage her. Their strength is tempered by tenderness reserved for her and only her. 

Radical husbands see their marriage as being on mission for Christ. Radical husbands see their primary role as helping their wives follow Jesus more closely. Simply put, radical husbands do what ordinary husbands don’t.  

Join us at First  Watch and let’s discuss what becoming a radical husband would look like in your context.

First Watch

First Watch is a gathering of men who meet every Friday morning at 6:22 a.m. in the Commons to:

  • Have regular opportunities to think, discuss, and act on what Scripture says.
  • Create space to interact with God.
  • Engage in honest conversations with a small group of men who are dedicated to encouragement and accountability for each other’s spiritual growth.

Men’s Groups & Events

  • First Watch Xtra

    Wednesdays • 6:30 a.m. • Training Center

    Through interactive teaching, table discussions, and reflection on scripture, we’ll discover how to follow God more fully in our ever-changing and busy world.

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  • First Watch Replay

    Tuesdays • 6:30 p.m. • Training Center

    Join us on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the Training Center for First Watch Replay where we tap into the Friday morning First Watch teaching.

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  • Holy Smoke

    Second Tuesdays Each Month • 9 p.m. • Location TBD

    Holy Smoke is a monthly gathering of men in their 20’s and 30’s discussing big questions about life, God, marriage, parenting, career, and more. Meetings are 2nd Tuesdays each month, at 9 p.m. in back yards, generally in Coppell. Bring your own cigar and beverage.

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